CCS racks have been designed and manufactured according to the market requirements, they allow wide customization and easy and quick installation.Besides floor standing and wall mounted cabinets, mini and server cabinets, the range includes a wide selection of accessories needed for cable management, ventilation power distribution and support systems.

For a better handling flat pack versions are also available



Used for the realization of long and short distance connections, the components of optical cabling system allow to realize high speed transmission channels while providing at the same time minimum space take up and maximum immunity to electromagnetic interferences. CCS® offers a complete range of products including optical cables, connectors, trays, termination kits or solutions ready for installation (pre-terminated optical cables).



Complete solution of copper structured cabling system branded CCS®, including copper cables, cabling components and accessories. Performance, reliability and easy installation are the main characteristics and advantages of the system designed and realized to comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, ANSI/TIA 568 international standards. The certifications issued by independent laboratories and the Warranty up to 30 years guarantee the maximum performances in terms of reliability and quality.