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Floor standing cabinets

Full range of floor standing 19"cabinets. The sizes available for floor standing cabinets go from 27 to 47 units in 600x600, 600x800 and 800x800 versions.To complete the offer, fast assembly flat pack versions are also available

Wall mount cabinets

Full range of 19"cabinets available wall mount version. The wall mounted cabinets are available with a capacity ranging from 6 to 22 units and depth of 150, 270, 320, 420, 450, 520 and 620 mm. CCS offer includes 10” racks and accessories suitable for wall or desk installation, and thanks to the removable side panels the access to the cable management is always possible.

Datacenter cabinets

The range of Datacenter cabinets for server and datacenter applications are designed to house all the main types of server computers and 19" active components that are available in the networking market. They house all 19" accessories and thanks to their greater depth up to 1200 mm and weight capacity they can contain and support non-modular devices.


To complete the offer, a wide range of accessories needed for cable management, ventilation, power distribution, modular and non-modular support systems for each of the cabinets series included in the CCS racks program.

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