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EasyCrimp Compact

The Easy Crimp Compact cabling system of Category 6, 6A and 6A maintains high transmission properties in a very compact size which allows installation in high density patch panels.The Easy Crimp Compact snap-in quick system grants high speed of operation and rapid execution of the termination without the use of crimp and impact tools, thus assuring installation costs much lower than those of more traditional systems.

Easy Crimp

The Easy Crimp cabling systems of Category 5E, 6 and 6A Channel provide the best performances in terms of reliability, longevity and transmission properties. The unique Easy Crimp snap-in quick system allows high speed of operation and rapid execution of the termination without the use of impact tools, thus granting installation costs lower than those of more traditional systems.

CCS 110-Cabling System

The CCS® 110-Cabling System includes patch panels and accessories of CATEGORY 5e and 6. The IDC 110 termination is made by using a suitable impact tool.

Plugs, patch cords and couplers

CCS patch cords are available in Category 5E, 6 and 6A, unshielded or shielded, with interchangeable coloured clips and are individually tested according to the international ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173, ANSI/TIA 568 Standards. Cat 5E to Cat 6A UTP and STP plugs and field plugs are very useful for the realization of MPTL according to the latest ANSI/TIA 568.2-D standards.

Work outlets and accessories

All jacks of the CCS® cabling system are compatible with the Keystone standard and therefore with the vast majority of boxes and conduits of different manufacturers.The range includes adapters for 503 standard self-supporting faceplates, German, British and French type faceplates, nd 1 or 2-port wall mount boxes.

Support & Service

Technical literature, specialist consultancy, pre-and post-sale support satisfy every commercial and technical request

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Brochures & Catalogues

Check our product catalogues and thematic brochures. A wide range of products with detailed technical information...

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Partners program

CCS offers to its selected distributors the advantage of promoting a new, qualitative high  and competitive brand

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