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Wall TECH Series

The Wall mounted cabinets TECH Series combine high quality and ease of use. They are available in versions from 6 to 15 Units with a depth of 450 mm. Bottom and roof ventilation grills, glass door with screen-printed logo and safety key, 4 uprights and 2 L-shaped brackets are the key features of this range.

Wall IP Series

Wall mounted cabinets IP Series are specifically designed to protect the cabling components and the connection equipment in any working condition. The range includes versions ranging from 10 to 17 Units, depth from 400 to 500 mm equipped with a glass or blind door, rain shelter and special varnish for outdoor applications.  

Wall PRO Series

The Wall cabinets PRO Series represent the top of the range thanks to the possible configurations, the ease of installation and transport. Available in versions with depth 420 to 620 mm, height 6 to 22U, assembled or flat pack, with glass, blind or grilled door, with 2 or 4 uprights, they are suitable to satisfy any type of requirement.

Wall Office Series

Wall mounted cabinets Office 320 Series with reduced depth of 320 mm for small structured cabling systems and Office Safety Series, equipped to house monitor, video recorder or any other device which needs to be protected against unauthorized access.

Wall 10" Series

The Wall cabinets 10” Series are fit for very narrow spaces such as offices and houses. The capacity of 7 Unit in 10” size and the available accessories such as patch panels for keystone jacks, optical boxes, shelves, cable managements panels and PDUs allow the supply of a complete solution with very reduced dimensions.

Support & Service

Technical literature, specialist consultancy, pre-and post-sale support satisfy every commercial and technical request

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Brochures & Catalogues

Check our product catalogues and thematic brochures. A wide range of products with detailed technical information...

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Partners program

CCS offers to its selected distributors the advantage of promoting a new, qualitative high  and competitive brand

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