CCS 24-port patch panel with 24 Cat.6A Channel 10G Easy Crimp RJ45 Shielded Modular jacks T568A/B

SKU: 2002038
General characteristics
CAT 6A-10G CCS 24-port patch panel, supplied with 24 “Easy Crimp” shielded RJ45 jacks for transmission channels of Class EA.
The “Easy Crimp” termination system makes the connection fast and easy without the use of tools allowing a considerable time saving during the installation phase.
Certified by independent testing laboratories in accordance with Class EA requirements on the channel link at 500 Mhz and with CAT 6 requirements on the single component, they support 10Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3an) and are suitable for PoE/POE+/PoE++ applications.


Metal frame with 24 ports for Keystone Easy Crimp jacks; ABS casing with 8-port covers; mount release lateral screws cover with logos; Jacks layout in two rows; setting for connection to ground.




1 CCS 24-port patch panel; 24 CAT 6A-10G CCS “Easy Crimp” shielded RJ45 jacks; fontal cover for 8-port module; clear plastic labels-holder for the custom numbering; rear cable management; 24 dust-protection caps for the jacks; rack mount screws and nuts, cable ties.




19”, 1 Unit







Force Technology

Channel Class EA

CAT 6 Component Level 




ISO/IEC 11801-1/2:2017

IEC 60603-7-4:2010

IEC 60603-7-5:2010

EN 50173-1/2:2018

EN 50173-1/2:2018


IEC 60512-99-002:2019




25 years on the CCS system



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